Jessica and Andrew

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How We Met

AJ and I met like many millennials (online)! We both had just gotten out of long term relationships. I had hit a point where I was about to delete all my dating apps. Dating had been a complete nightmare and I needed a mental break from it all.

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AJ reached out to me and asked me to go on a date. I wasn’t going to go, but my best friend convinced me to and I was so glad I did! We hit it off on our first date and before the night ended he asked what I was doing the next day!

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How They Asked

For my birthday in September Aj surprised me with a trip to Paris in April. I was thrilled! We spent the next 5 months planning and dreaming of our fairytale vacation. In March we received an email from our airline notifying us that our flight was canceled due to COVID-19. We tried rescheduling it 2 additional times. Each time we were disappointed with another cancellation.

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We realized things could be so much worse and we were happy to be healthy but we still wanted to getaway. We decided to stay in the US and visit Zion National Park where we could get out in nature and away from the city. We are both super adventurous and signed up for a canyoneering excursion where we would rappel down the sides of slot canyons.

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After a series of 5 or 6 canyons, we made it to “King Tuts Tomb”. I rappelled down the wall first and then began to look up as I turned around AJ was on one knee. He said, “I just can’t wait any longer”. And then proceeded to get the ring box stuck in his back pocket! We are the least graceful people I know – so this was totally fitting! Once he got it out of his pocket… he asked if I would marry him. Of course, I said yes!

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Special Thanks

East Zion Experiences
 | Canyoneering tour company, also took all photos