Jessica and Andre

How We Met: Many do not believe that love at first sight still exists but I have to say Andre and I are definitely the perfect example of it. I had been living in Florida for over five years and had made the decision it was time to come back home to NY. I had some high school friends that still lived in the area but I had left my best friends behind in Florida. I started bartending at a local restaurant and met this incredibly sweet girl who I became attached at the hip with.Image 1 of Jessica and Andre

One night she invited me out for drinks at her second job and we decided we would have a girls night! I met her at Double O and we sat at the bar to have drinks. Immediately, I was taken back by the bartender who I thought was just so handsome and I had this urge that I had to talk to him and get to know him. He was very sweet all night to us but so extremely shy (which knowing Andre now for over five years….not typical of his personality what so ever!).

I kept telling Amanda he is so cute but he is a little strange…there would be times he would come over to the bar to talk to us but nothing would come out of his mouth! She agreed his was so odd that night and something had to be up. Months later once we started dated he explained to me that he thought I was so beautiful and was so nervous around me.

After that night Andre and I kept in touch visiting each other at work until finally we made the leap and went on our first date together…and from there the rest is history. I not only gained the man of my dreams but a future step-son who is the second most important man in my entire life!

Image 2 of Jessica and Andre

how they asked: So Andre and I had a trip planned to Chicago as our mini vacation this year. It is my favorite city and I was excited to show him around! Unfortunately this was a special year for his brother who was turning thirty and his wife planned his surprise party the weekend we were supposed to be away. We decided to stay positive and we would just plan something else later on in the year. A few days later Andre said he was going to make up for our vacation mishap and we were just going to get away for two days.

He would not tell me anything as to where we were going, just said it was a surprise and for me to relax for once. He knows that I am a planner, all day every day I plan out everything so to sit back and not be in control was very hard for me! We finished enjoying his brother’s birthday and hopped in the car. We arrived late that evening but as we were crossing the gorgeous bridge into Newport Rhode Island where neither of us had ever been I knew immediately it was paradise there.

We started the day the next morning walking through the town and had a perfect lunch. Everyone seemed to be on island time…no worries, no rush, all relaxation, it was paradise. We joked all day about skipping the wedding and just buying one of the yachts that filled the bay where we were. In my head I made a mental note…” He has not even bought my ring yet..grrr!” We arrived at the resort later and made it down to dinner just before sunset right on the ocean. It was incredible, the view of the sunset, sailboats passing by….just perfect.

I kept being a typical girl asking for a picture of us in front of the sunset and he refused to allow a stranger to take our picture (hindsight I know now he had everything planned). He went to use the restroom, and came back with the hostess saying to hurry up she was going to take our picture. He walked me over to this little area where they perform their wedding ceremonies right in front of the sunset. She snapped a few and he said “wait one more like this…”.

As I am turning to him to yell at him to let the poor girl go back to work he is on his knee with the ring box.

Image 3 of Jessica and Andre

The waterworks began immediately. I could barely breathe let alone even see the stunning ring he had. Eventually I caught my breath he asked and I agreed. The entire family had known so he said I must call everyone and the waterworks happened all over again each time I retold the story. So I found my prince charming with love at first sight and then had my fairy tale proposal. He is by far my knight in shining armor.

Image 4 of Jessica and Andre Image 5 of Jessica and Andre