Jessica and Alex

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How We Met

Our story is the classic “two coworkers who fall in love with each other” sort of story. We met while we both worked at an Apple Store in Wisconsin. I was selling products on the floor while he worked behind the scenes in inventory. We worked together for a while before we started hanging out in the same friend group. Our friendship blossomed, not even knowing at the time that we liked each other. We slowly started hanging out more and more throughout the summer. Finally, on the night of the first Packer game of the season, we went out to a bar to watch. At this point it had become obvious that we liked each other, so once the game was over he walked me to my car and we shared our first kiss!

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how they asked

Alex and I love to travel with each other and experience new adventures. We decided at the beginning of the year to go on a unique trip so we booked flights to spend 10 days in Iceland in June! The first half of our trip was spent exploring Reykjavik and the last half we rented a car to have day trips around the country. On those days we explored and hiked waterfalls and mountains. It was the end of the second day we had the car when he asked me. There is a lighthouse and beach at the tip of the peninsula in Reykjavik that we were wanting to check out. As we were walking along the beach, he stopped me to give me a hug and told me how lucky he felt to be on this trip with me.

He looked into my eyes and said “Jess, will you marry me?” Not expecting it, I beamed and said “what??”

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He got down on his knee, pulled out the ring of my dreams, and asked me to spend the rest of our lives together.

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Tears immediately poured out and I, speechless, excitedly nodded YES. We celebrated by going out for one of the best seafood dinners we have ever had and relaxed at The Blue Lagoon the following morning.

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