Jessica and Alexander

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How We Met

It all began in the halls of Calhoun High School. Sitting in English. Like any other day. But September 4th 2008 was not any other day. Sitting only a few seats away from each other, was the day we met. After 4 years in the same schools with many of the same teachers, we were now in the same class. It only took one week before we were talking as if we had known each other for years.

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The connection was immediate. There was something in the air. We knew we were a perfect fit – and on October 1st we began our adventure. Now 8 years later and counting, We are still on our greatest adventure.

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how they asked

Whenever we would talk about getting engaged, I always told Alex he didn’t have to do anything major, that just becoming his fiancé would be all the happiness I could ever ask for. And I meant every word of that. So I figured whenever it happened it would be something low key. I also was convinced I would know when and where it was happening- since me and Alex truly tell each other everything and cannot keep a secret from one another. I had had a stressful year at work, so when Alex told me he wanted to take me to my favorite place in the world to celebrate- Disney World! I have loved Disney ever since I was a little girl, I would go every year with my family and stay in the parks from the moment they opened until the cast members were literally packing up to go home.

I had brought Alex into my families tradition a few years back and it has since become a tradition of ours as well. So when Alex told me he wanted to be solely in charge of planning this trip, I figured he was just getting into the Disney spirit. The first day we arrived at Walt Disney World, Alex told me that he had a surprise for me- he had gotten us the Disney photo pass so that we could take memorable pictures throughout the vacation. The next day, as we ventured into the parks, Alex told me that he had yet another surprise for me- he was taking me to eat at cinderella’s royal table! I was so excited, I had mentioned to him months before that I used to love to eat in the castle when I was a little girl, but I hadn’t in years! We got dressed and headed off to the castle. Little did I know that this dinner would change our lives forever.

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After a delicious meal, I was overjoyed to be in the castle yet still completely oblivious when the waiter came over to announce that the chef had prepared us a special desert.

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He was holding a covered tray, and when he removed the cover I saw a real glass slipper on a bed of rose petals. I looked over to Alex to see his reaction, however instead of him looking just as confused as I felt, he was down on one knee.

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Neither of us remember what he said next. We were both crying tears of absolute happiness and pure joy- and of course I said YES!!

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The rest of our week long vacation was filled with pure magic and love and was a continuous celebration of our unconditional love for one another. We received a special blessing from the Harambe drummers at Animal Kingdom, front row seats to the firework shows, romantic dinners, beautiful engagement photos by the wonderful photographers throughout Walt Disney World, and many more magical surprises that only Disney could offer and only my amazing fiancé could plan for me. He made me feel like a princess and is truly is my Prince Charming in every way. I look forward to many wonderful years of pure happiness, love, and magic ahead.

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