Jessica and Alex

Image 1 of Jessica and AlexHow we met: Alex and I met in elementry school! Growing up we went to the same christian school and church. We were always friends but nothing more. We went to different colleges and lived different lives, Alex in California and I in Tennessee. Many, many years later while we were visiting our families in Florida, we both saw each other at church and suddenly thought to ourselves how much we have both grown up, especiallly compared to what we looked like in elementry school! Ever since that day we became better friends that lead to a relationship, now engagement and soon WEDDING! Little did we know that we would be marrying the kid we played with in recess at the age of 6!

how they asked: Alex lives in California and I live in Florida. He asked me to be his girlfriend on 12/20/13. Exactly one year later, he was flying home for the holidays and to celebrate our one year anniversary. He was traveling over night, so the morning he was supposed to land (12/20/14) I had a text from him saying his flights were all delayed and he wouldnt be able to get home til about 7pm, he went on with telling me how sad he was for missing our 1 yr anniversary but no matter what time he got home we would go out to dinner to celebrate. I didnt want to be upset because I know flights get delayed all the time especially during the holiday season, so I believed his first lie. His brother and his brothers girlfriend were in town from Nebraska and were wanting to go see a nice beach sunset so they invited me to go take pictures of them and enjoy the sunset before I had to pick up Alex from the airport at 7p. While walking on the beach, Edwin, the grooms brother hands me a card, I open it and its from Alex, and it says “Hey Babe, I am sorry I couldnt make to our 1 yr but go to the blanket Edwin and Sarah set up for you and on it you will find your anniversary gift!” I continued to walk and found a box, on the box there was some directions to call him as soon as I got the gift. The gift is a childrens book he wrote and drew himself. Through out our relationship I would get him cheesy childrens books, so him writing this book was so meaningful! I continued with following the directions and called him and he continues with reading as I followed along on the phone with him…the book ended with here I am on my knee asking you to marry me” I turn around and there is the man of my dreams asking me to be his life long partner, HIS WIFE!

Image 2 of Jessica and Alex