Jessica and Al

How We Met

Al and I met in 2014 at a surprise birthday party for a mutual friend of ours. We hit it off right away, however, the timing didn’t work out then but we reconnected in 2016 and have been falling in love since!

How They Asked

At the end of June, my boyfriend and I had planned on taking a road trip together. We love LOVE road trips so I was super excited to see where this one led us, as I had left him to plan the details since I’m usually the one who chooses where we go. The night before our trip he tells me that we’re actually flying somewhere the following morning so I could plan and pack accordingly!

The next day we get to the airport and immediately see we need to divide and conquer to check bags and get in line for security, it was packed. So he checked our baggage and about 20 minutes into the security line he comes up next to me and motions for me to get out of line. I, of course, give him an absolutely no response, until he shows me that we have first-class tickets to Charlotte, NC. Flying first class has always been on my to-do list but I like to travel on a budget so I’ve never made it happen for myself or us, I was completely surprised and so excited to finally have the opportunity! When we landed in Charlotte we went to get our rental car and as I’m looking to see which one is ours I find our number and underneath it is a red Chevy Camaro convertible…a car that I’ve always wanted…more excitement! He guided me to our next destination, driving with the top down listening to the car rumble, I was in heaven. The next thing I know we’re pulling into a vineyard. He had gotten us a suite to stay on the vineyard!!! First-class, beautiful car, wine…all things that have me like a little kid on Christmas morning. We checked into the room and got settled, he pulls out an envelope and hands me two sheets of paper which turn out to be tickets to the Land of Oz which is an old amusement park that they only open a few weekends a year for tours. The Wizard of Oz is my absolute favorite, it’s near and dear to my heart, we’ve gone to festivals, I have a lot of collectibles, and the Land of Oz has always been on my list I couldn’t believe he had done all of this for us to enjoy together it was so exciting! He had even packed my red sparkly converse in his luggage for me to wear!

The next day we get to the mountain and you take a ski lift up to the park, the scenery was beautiful and I just couldn’t wait to get up there to explore the park together. The tour began with Dorothy singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” then guiding us through her house, through the tornado, then back out to the yellow brick road. I don’t think I could’ve been much happier than I was at that moment. Then as we toured down the yellow brick road my boyfriend kept us behind the group a little bit. He let them all get ahead of us then led me to a spot where we were completely alone on the yellow brick road and began to sing to the tune of “If I Only Had a Brain” only the words were a proposal. The rest of the tour is a complete blur to me, I’ve never felt so loved it’s truly the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me and I’m so excited to share my life with him!!