Jessica and Adam's Softball Proposal in Central Park

HHA Jessy and Adam-2

Sports, especially softball, has always been a huge part of my life. On our first date, I shared with Adam that I had been a Division I softball player and Adam was ecstatic to have found a girl as into sports (and maybe even better at sports?) than he is. As our relationship progressed, it was clear we were the most athletic couple we knew and our activities often consisted of playing or watching sports. Living just a few blocks from Central Park, the ballfields there became our backyard and we’d often go there to have a catch on a whim. During summer, we play together in a league on Saturdays and Adam sits every Sunday to watch me play in my league. Needless to say, it was clear to Adam that softball had to be incorporated into the proposal in some way.

Fast forward, Adam sent me a text message at the end of September letting me know that I was asked to sub-in during his company’s corporate softball game on Sunday, October 4th at 4:30pm. As this isn’t an odd request, I put the date in my calendar and not much more was spoken of the scheduled game.

We had spent the October 4th weekend in Atlantic City for a nice quick get-away and returned to the city around 3:15pm on Sunday. We quickly grabbed lunch and changed into our softball attire. Adam wanted to get to the field early to warm up – we packed up our gear and walked to the park a little after 4:00pm. As we approached the fields, I starting getting suspicious as we were 20 minutes before game time and no one from either team had arrived! Adam reassured me that his co-workers do not take the league seriously and will arrive right before game time. Adam insisted I put my cleats on, he put on his, and we began having a catch on the field to warm up.

HHA Jessy and Adam

We began throwing with an old ball I keep in my glove and shortly into our catch, Adam mentioned he brought a few of the new balls we had recently purchased. Adam went into his backpack, switched the ball and tossed me a brand new yellow hard ball – like the ones I played with in college. After four throws (exactly four as Adam was nervously counting), I looked down at the ball and saw the magical five words laser engraved into the ball “Jessy, Will You Marry Me?”.

HHA Jessy and Adam-1


I immediately doubled over in shock and out came a photographer Adam had hired to capture the entire thing! There was no game after all. After Adam walked over to me, got down on one knee and properly asked me to marry him, we spent the next half hour taking fun pictures around Central Park – all in our softball attire! We spent the night with our entire extended family celebrating and reminiscing about the amazing, creative and perfectly appropriate proposal.

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