Jessica and Adam

How We Met

I saw a picture of Adam on my brother’s Facebook page and though he was really handsome.  I asked my brother about him and continued to ask.  My brother arranged for us to meet and we met at a play Adam was a part of.  We liked each other instantly, exchanged numbers, talked a lot on the phone and Adam took me on a date to see a play.  Our attraction to each other grew and grew.

how they asked

Adam had arranged a trip to Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, SC in celebration of his birthday April 17.  On April 16 he told me to dress up because we were going out to dinner to a special place.  He arranged for a us to be transported in a beautiful horse driven carriage.  The carriage took us to a park with a beautiful gazebo in the center of the park.  Sitting in the park behind very colorful parasols was my family and his who unknown to me had traveled to Savannah to be a part of the surprise.  As we approached the gazebo a violinist began to play one of our favorite songs, Viva la Vida.  I was wondering what all these people were doing in the park twirling their parasols.  They lifted the parasols and I could see it was my family and his. I was astounded as I greeted our families and hen I turned around Adam was on bended knee proposing in the most romantic way ever.

.Most Romantic Proposal Ever!

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