Jessica and Adam

How We Met

We met when we were in high school but started officially dating around sophomore year of college. We moved in together for the first time into a Brooklyn apartment last year. Brooklyn is very sentimental to us, being our first home.

How They Asked

One day after having lunch, we came across the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge that was set up for a cocktail event and we couldn’t believe how beautiful it was there. We went inside to speak to the event planner to see if we could see the wedding space (not yet engaged). We planned to spend a night there over the summer. When we did, he invited another couple we are very close with to meet us for dinner and have cocktails at the hotel rooftop bar.

My boyfriend went to “use the bathroom” when the guys snuck up to the rooftop, which was closed for the night. We were extremely confused and frankly annoyed when the boys disappeared for so long and left us at the bar a floor below. We just caught a glance of one of the guys trailing up the stairs to the rooftop, which we knew was closed. We tried to go up but got reprimanded by the staff and could not understand why they had let them up and not us!

Where to Propose in Brooklyn, NY

A few moments later, one of the guys came back followed by a manager who apologized and invited us up to the gorgeous rooftop for a cocktail and to see the view. When we got to the top of the stairs, my future fiancé grabbed my hand and walked me over to the stunning view. I knew right away.

Proposal Ideas Brooklyn, NY

I know he had said something beautiful but I, admittedly, blacked out at that moment. He got down to his knee as the hotel staff cheered, poured the champagne and brought over flowers. It was a perfect proposal in the city where we officially started our life together.

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