Jessica and Aaron

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How We Met

I spoke to Jess before I ever saw her. My boss didn’t want to call her back for an interview because she was too busy at the time. I thought Jess looked good on paper (turns out she looked even better in real life), so I decided to call her back and set up an interview. Long story short, Jess got the job, and after a summer working together, we became close friends. Two years later, I had taken my boss’ position, and was looking to fill a full-time specialist position. Jess was an easy choice. After 18 months spending 40+ hours per week in the same 15’x20′ office, I knew she might be the one. Turns out she thought I was alright too, and we’ve loved every minute together since.

Proposal Ideas The most beautiful town square in texas

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The most beautiful town square in texas

How They Asked

Aaron and I planned to meet a couple of his friends in Austin for dinner the evening of December 15th. After his friends unexpectedly “cancelled” on us minutes before we were supposed to meet them, Aaron informed me that his brother and sister-in-law gifted us a gift card to an escape room in Georgetown and we were going to use it later that night. To kill time between our “cancelled dinner” and the escape room, we decided to check out the Christmas light display at Mozart’s in Austin, so fun! It was a short drive back to Georgetown for our Christmas-themed escape room. Our goal was to solve a number of puzzles to find Santa’s “Nice” List. As we began to attempt the puzzles, we quickly realized that we weren’t very adept at navigating the nuances of this escape room. Luckily, our awesome “game master,” Mallory, guided us and gave hints along the way (turns out Aaron gave her instructions prior to our arrival to make sure she got us through the room – which led to her giving pretty blatant clues).

Finally, after struggling through a number of puzzles, we reached the final clue: a poem Aaron had written that led us out to Georgetown’s beautifully-lit square (Aaron had worked with the owners to switch out the final clue for his own, better clue, prior to our arrival). We made our way around the square and arrived at a wooden table with a message board and a small wooden box. Using the final clue from the escape room, I decoded the phrase, “Escape with me forever?” on the message board. At that moment, Aaron opened a small wooden box that contained a stunning engagement ring, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I said “YES!” – easiest decision of my life!

Special Thanks

Lauren Garrison
 | Photographer