Jessi and Tyler

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How We Met

Jessi and I met at a place called Old Tucson Studios. Back in 2011, I was hired to be one of the actors and stuntmen for their wild west themed shows, she was one of the Techs and would run the shows for us.

She caught my eye immediately, she was cute, funny, talented, and so much fun to talk to and be around. However, the problem was, I was in a relationship, one that I had been in for around 5 years at that point. My relationship was going no where and soon ended about a year later.

I went through a lot of ups and downs. I moved to LA, was between a number different things and had Jessi and another girl in the middle of it. Things had gotten difficult between Jessi and I, and she stopped all communication with me. It was tearing me up inside and I didn’t understand why I was hurting so much and couldn’t go more than a few hours without thinking about her. I realized, for the first time, that I was feeling real love.

I thought I had felt love before but nothing felt like this. I broke down and told her that I finally realized that I was in love with her. She broke her silence and helped me see just how dumb I had been. She knew she was in love long before I realized that I was feeling it too. The ups and downs continued for some time but I went through a lot and made some difficult decisions, all so that I could be with her.

I have wanted plenty of things in my life, but nothing else mattered in comparison to her. She’s all I have ever wanted and I knew that even if other things never worked out in my life, so long as I had her, I would be happy and fulfilled.

We finally began our relationship, and from the moment it began to even now, 2 years later, we are still in a honeymoon faze. We are so head over heels in love with one another and will always fight for each other and go through heaven and hell by each others side.

how they asked

Jessi and I knew that we were going to marry, and we even had picked out names for our kids, but I needed something real to happen for us. I talked to her adoptive father and got his blessing, and her biological father’s brother (Her biological dad passed away when she was only 8, and when we recently went to his grave, I asked for his permission as well, in secret, and told him I would always love and take care of her) and got their blessing as well.

I talked to her three childhood best friends about what ring to get her from six that I picked out myself. It has an amethyst stone, which is purple, because purple has come to represent our love. Her favorite color is red and mine is blue, so combined it’s purple. We hope to have a daughter in the future and even plan to name her Violet.

I got together with some friends of mine who could help me cover a song from my favorite band. We recorded and did our own playing to the Incubus song “If Not Now, When?”

I took that song, edited a video, with the help of my brother, to help pop the question for me.

I then went to our church, cleared out the whole sanctuary myself, learned all the technology to make the whole thing happen and figured out the perfect day. My birthday is October 29th and hers is the 31st. The 30th of October has become our joint birthday day of celebration for the both of us. Also, Monday has become our one day a week we both set aside to spend the whole day together and take that day off from work. In 2017, October 30th just happen to fall on a Monday, so I chose that perfect day to sing this song to her, and pop the question.

I was not nervous about the answer because I knew she would say yes, I was nervous about singing that very difficult song. But I managed to get through it, impressed myself a little in the process, and recorded everything for my youtube. I posted the link to the video so watch and enjoy my surprise birthday proposal to my new Fiance, Jessi Elbie.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Cass Anaya
 | Edited the video to pop the question
Jeff Dickey
 | Helped record the song for the Proposal
Caleb Evans
 | Helped cover the song for the Proposal