Jessi and Kurtis

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Reunion Tower, Dallas TX

How We Met

Believe it or not, Kurtis and I have actually known each other since we were 12 years old. My family had just moved to Fort Worth, Texas because of my dad’s new job and we wound up right across the street from a family with kids my age. Although Kurtis and I didn’t spend much time together at first, our families became good friends (we both have two other siblings who ended up becoming close). Eventually, my family moved to a new neighborhood and I didn’t see Kurtis until several years later when we ended up in the same high school for a semester. At the time, Kurtis was a football player and was easily considered one of the “cooler” people in school (at least in my mind).

I was still pretty low key at that age and stuck to reading books indoors (some may say I was a nerd. And by some people I 100% mean Kurtis). Fast forward another few years and we are both in college. I was sitting around, scrolling through Facebook, and had the bright idea to shoot my shot and send this handsome guy a message. From there, we began spending all our time together and eventually decided to “make things official” in January of 2016. In July of 2018, I moved away to Galveston for school but Kurtis and I have been managing the distance and are closer than ever.


How They Asked

Holy moly! This proposal, LET ME TELL YA.

As I said, I had to move away for school so Kurtis and I had been long distance for about 6 months. I had planned to drive up to DFW to visit Kurtis over the weekend and found out that his family would be visiting that weekend as well. The day that I arrived, Kurtis and I attended a friend’s wedding so I had driven up in the fanciest dress my 0 dollars a year salary could provide. Kurtis informed me that the following day he had a special surprise planned for his mom, his sister, and me and that I should dress up in the same gold gown I had on because this event “would be pretty fancy.” Try as I might, he would not tell me what the surprise entailed. So the morning rolls around and Kurtis’s mom and sister discover that they failed to pack appropriately fancy attire. They decide to shop around for clothes and planned to meet us at the event. A few hours pass and it’s time to head out- Kurtis and I are all dressed up and driving out to this mystery surprise.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Reunion Tower, Dallas TX

Finally, we arrive at a helipad in the heart of Fort Worth (I’m freaking out at this point but still not convinced this is all really happening). We squeeze ourselves into this helicopter and take off for Dallas (I’m starting to scream internally). Soon we make it to Reunion Tower and as I look down I see his family (dressed in normal clothes) waving their arms and taking pictures as we land (I’m hyperventilating now). We climb out of the helicopter and Kurtis gets down on one knee and pops the question while I cry and try not to pass out. As it turns out, his family made the trip all the way from Georgia just to take pictures and witness the proposal as it happened! After this, we made our way over to Reunion Tower for champagne and dinner before flying the helicopter back to Fort Worth. My body may have been flying high in the sky but my heart has never been lifted higher.