Jessi and Craig

How They Asked

My family + Craig were in France celebrating the marriage of my brother and his lovely bride, Marion who is from France! We had planned to be there for a total of two weeks, the first week being all about Will and Marion and then the second was a vacation! We left the newlyweds in Paris and headed to Normandy, where we spent three days exploring before heading back to Paris to explore! On Thursday, July 20th, the plan was to all meet up with Will and Marion and tour the Eiffel Tower together and grab lunch. The morning of, we were running late to meet the group so I grabbed Craig’s book bag to hurry him along, not knowing the ring was inside.

Jessi and Craig's Engagement in Paris, France

He leaped across the bed and took the bag, leaving me clueless and amazed that he cleared the bed without thinking twice. Once we made it to the Eiffel Tower, we walked AWAY from the tour, to a beautiful area where you could really take in the view, I was asking questions like “why are we way over here, we’re going to have to walk back in the rain!” When we reached the top of the viewing area, my mom wanted to take pictures to send to her best friend so I, being the sweet daughter I am agreed.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

Meanwhile hidden by our group, Craig and my brother are getting the ring out of the book bag, Face Timing Craig’s mom, and trying to hurry. I hurried Craig over to take a picture and as I turned to the camera, my entire family had their phones out like a group of tourists and I couldn’t help but laugh and joke on them.

Little did I know that after that picture, the man of my dreams who I have loved for 8 years asked me to be his girl forever. As he brought out the ring, I lost it. I looked back at my family to see them jumping up and down, a crowd of strangers appeared from out of nowhere cheering and all I could do I jumped in his arms as if I had won the world series, which I actually did ;) I said YES!