Jessi and Christian

how we met

My cousin is a wedding planner and I was visiting her at work. I had recently been broken up with and in very poor spirits. During my visit, she asked me if I had tried any dating websites or Tinder. After trying to tell her I didn’t really like online dating and I wasn’t in a hurry, she took my phone, downloaded the app, and wrote my profile. I never took it very seriously and just used it as a game… Swiping left… Swiping right. A month or two pass and I match with Christian. He didn’t have a crazy opening line, he wasn’t gross and inappropriate which was a nice change. All he said was, “Hey.”

We couldn’t officially meet for 3 weeks because I left on vacation with my family, but he texted me every morning and evening while I was gone. When I finally got back, we agreed to meet for snow cones and if it went well we would go see a movie after that. I was so nervous. I couldn’t eat or drink anything all day, which was bad because I worked outside at the time in the sweltering Oklahoma heat. When the time came, we couldn’t agree on a snow cone stand to eat at so we decided on Sonic. He ordered a slushie and a chicken strip basket. I just had a blue slushie. After we finished, he asked me if I still wanted to see movie. Of course! I had already decided I wanted to by the middle of the the date, I just didn’t know if he wanted to. So we dropped my car of and rode together to the movies. We we’re in the middle of watching pitch perfect 2 when it happened. All day of not eating, not drinking water, and only having a blue slushie had finally caught up with me. I had the worst headache in the world and ran out of the movie without any explanation to throw up. Upon making it to the bathroom, I couldn’t do it. So I sat outside the theater praying my headache would go away. I eventually fell asleep on the bench…

how they asked

I knew shortly after Jessi and I started dating that I wanted to marry this girl. She was the perfect woman: smart, funny, gorgeous, and she even had a geeky side that I absolutely loved. Although I knew I wanted to marry her, I did not really have any plans until last year, in mid-September, it just clicked – I need to ask her to marry me. I went out that day and bought a ring. I texted her dad asking if we could go to breakfast sometime and talk. I met with him and received his blessing to marry her. I met with Jessi’s mom and sister shortly after and made sure they were okay with it too.

I had the ring, her family’s permission, and now I just needed a plan. I decided we would try to do a picnic in the park and I would try to ask there. The following Tuesdays our schedules lined up and I asked her midday if she would like to go have a picnic with me after I got off work. She said yes so I made plans with her sister and her sister’s boyfriend to be there as well to take photos after I asked. This was all within a week of me deciding I needed to ask and buying the ring. I am impatient when it comes to any big news, or present giving, or anything similar. To my dismay when I got home, I could tell Jessi was not feeling well. I reluctantly asked her if she wanted to reschedule, and asked many times, if she was sure she wanted to go that day, secretly hoping she would still want to go.

She was such a trooper and still wanted to go, so we packed everything up and headed to the park, bringing our dog Fynn along. This was mid-September in Oklahoma so it was HOT. We had to do a little bit of walking to get to where we could set up our blanket, so we were both sweating when we finally sat down to eat. I had this idea in my head of a romantic little picnic, nice weather, maybe a cool breeze but instead it was 100+, Jessi was not feeling well, and we were being eaten alive by mosquitos. Jessi’s sister and her boyfriend had finally snuck into their positions and we had finished eating so I suggested we just lay down to talk. I started playing some of her favorite country music. I’m personally not a fan of country music and I’m not too keen on dancing either, but I asked her if she wanted to get up and dance a bit. She got up and I hurried to get the ring out and get on one knee.

She turned around and there I was, heart racing, asking her to marry me and I hear “No, stop.” We are huge The Office fans and for many of the previous months I had been fake proposing to her similar to how Jim does to Pam in the show. That is what she thought this was and I cannot say I did not deserve it. Jessi finally realized it was real and burst out crying but had not explicitly given me an answer. Finally, we worked our way through the hysterics and she said yes.

This had not gone anywhere near the way I had planned. We were both sweaty and dirty, mosquitoes were tearing us up, and the second we let Fynn off his leash he darted for a mud puddle and started rolling around in it, but it was the most perfect afternoon I could have asked for!

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