Jessi and brad

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How We Met

Brad and I met probably 15 years ago.. funny thing is we grew up 2 country blocks from one another, but went to different schools! We met through mutual friends when I moved to the town we live in now! We were just friends for a few years. We were at a friends party.. your typical small town party. We were just having some drinks and talking and he finally asked if I could go outside with him! We were standing outside just talking and finally he asked of he could kiss me and I was like ummm sure !! We then just started to hang out more and more often. I’d say about 6 months after that night he asked me officially to be his girlfriend!! 10 years and 2 kids later he finally asked me to marry him!!!

how they asked

I had just had our daughter the day before.. the nurse came into the room and said she needed to take paislee to do some routine checks. I thought that’s strange they have done all they needed to. .So I was like ok.. my dad and mom and our other daughter and son were also in the room with us! Finally, the nurse brought her back into the room and she was all swaddled up. Brad. My fiance. Said oh it looks like they changed her shirt. I am not going to lie I kind of got irritated because I had just put that outfit in her! So I was attempting to unswaddle her and she was crying because she didn’t want to be unswaddled. I never even noticed that Brad had got down on one knee .!! So I finally get her blanket off and I see the onesie with the ring pinned to it, and it said mommy will you marry my daddy!! He asked if I would marry him and I, of course, said yes… it was the sweetest thing!