Jessi and Adrien

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How We Met

My sorority at Mizzou always has a semi formal in December. I didn’t have a date my sophomore year so my friend Merritt asked if I would be willing to take her date’s friend. I was hesitant about the whole blind date thing but thought, “Eh, why not. It’s easy to escape if I need to.” That night, we walked down the sorority house’s spiral staircase to find Jamieson and Adrien waiting for us. Adrien and I locked eyes and looking back on it, we’ve both said something just felt different in that moment. If it wasn’t love at first sight then, it sure was several hours later.

In typical semi formal fashion, there was some drinking involved, which inspired me at one point to scream to my friends, “My date is so hot! I love him!,” while I was dancing with Adrien. He should have been the one doing the escaping but surprisingly, he didn’t. Fast forward to March, my sorority’s formal. I took Adrien and he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. I responded, “Will you switch my ring?” The same amount of drinking was involved, but I promise this has meaning.

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I’ve worn an Irish claddagh ring on my left hand ring finger since 8th grade. It’s a family tradition. When the heart is facing outward, it means your heart is open. When it’s facing in, your heart is taken. Six years later, Adrien still has my heart and we can’t believe we both almost didn’t go on that blind date in December. Thanks Merritt and Jamieson!

how they asked

For the past five years, Adrien and I have gone on a Christmas date the week before the actual holiday. We always get dressed up, go to a nice dinner and exchange presents after. Year six felt no different until we were riding the elevator back up to our apartment and he handed me the key. He said, “You have to let us in.” I went along with it and when I opened the door, I saw a bunch of candles creating a walkway to our living room. They led me to 160 pictures of us that spelled, “Will you marry me?”

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When I turned around, Adrien was already down on one knee with the ring and before he could get a word out, I said, “Is this real?!,” and proceeded to bawl my eyes out. When Adrien could finally get some words in, he asked me to marry him and instead of saying “yes” immediately, I continued to cry. The “yes” did eventually come out and without thinking, “Will you switch my ring?,” followed. Full circle.

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For the first time in more than a decade, my claddagh moved to my right hand and the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen took its place on my left. I love telling this story over and over again to our family and friends and can’t wait to tell it just as much to our kids and grandkids. I will always feel the same way about Adrien as the night we first met: “My date [now for life] is so hot! I love him!”

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