Lauren and Jesse

How We Met

Jesse and I met through mutual friends. We attended the same high school, but we never knew each other. He left for the Marines after graduation, and I left for college, so it wasn’t until October 2014 that we officially met. I hosted a party, and my friend brought him along. There was an immediate connection! We were pretty much inseparable after that night. We share so many interests, but fishing especially. There is nothing I enjoy more that sitting by the water with the love of my life and fishing together.

how they asked

Jesse and I had talked about marriage for a while, and I had even shown him the ring I wanted. On November 5th, I was spending time with some girl friends and we talked about my hopes that a proposal would happen soon. We were painting our nails, and I picked a color called “Save the Date”. Little did I know, they were keeping a secret from me. The next day, Jesse and I headed to North Carolina to take some pictures of the fall foliage. He said he wanted to make a stop at a place his friend told him about, but he said it was a surprise. We were in his Jeep Wrangler with the top off, so I had my hat and glasses on. When we made it to our destination, Dry Falls, I knew something was up because he took my hat and sunglasses off. I grabbed my camera and headed for the falls. Dry Falls is awesome in that you get to walk under the waterfalls. As we made our way, I noticed Jesse was super quiet which is not usually like him. We made it underneath the falls and he stood behind me. I felt him shuffling with his bag and my thought was “I think he’s going to propose”. Sure enough, my stoic Marine shakily dropped to his knee and with tear in his eyes asked me to marry him. I’ll admit, I giggled for a second but then emotions took over and I said yes with happy tears. Dry Falls wasn’t so dry! The surprise didn’t end there though, a few minutes later my friends from the night before jumped out of the bushes, camera in hand. They had captured this awesome moment! It was a beautiful day, and I love reminiscing with the pictures. I cannot wait to marry Jesse!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Dry Falls