Jesse and Sean

How We Met

We actually met in Scottsdale at the bar Whiskey Row. Sean was attending a bachelor party for his friend while I too was attending a bachelorette for a now bridesmaid. We got to talking and realized that both of us were from LA, and were there to go to spring training. After watching the game together the following day, he asked if we could go out the following week when we were both back in California. We had our first date that next Tuesday and the rest was history!

I love this question because in some ways I feel our love and relationship is so unique, though realize in many ways that it is likely similar to others; we laugh, we cry, we hug, we differ, we connect. One element I deeply respect though is our ability (and continued effort) to both honor each other‘s differences while consistently challenging each other in our growth. He works in finance and I am a therapist which means that we often have two very different ways of communicating. Yet consistently we attempt to learn from one another and use humor when we struggle. We both love adventure and fun, and try to make time for both in what can be a hectic and challenging journey.

I think I knew he was the one when I noticed a difference in my ability to be me. I had previously been in a long-term relationship and was aware of how often I attempted to change or shift my personality to adjust to the relationship. I quickly found that in dating my now fiancé, I felt more comfortable with who I was and was able to more comfortably honor that in the relationship. Essentially, I felt seen by him in a way that I had not been seen before. That’s how I knew this was something special.

how they asked

One of my favorite stories! The proposal happened after a friend’s wedding in Hawaii. Sean’s family has a house on Kauai, so following the wedding on the Big Island a couple friend joined us for a few days at the house. We had a great time with them exploring and drinking cocktails and had planned to spend a few days alone thereafter they departed.

We began that leg of the trip relaxing and decided to spend the evening watching the sunset at one of Sean‘s favorite locations, the Hanalei pier in Princeville. We got some sushi to go and call tall cans and headed to the beach.

It was a such a wonderful evening that I was completely taken aback when Sean told me that he was going to get his jacket out of the car, yet instead reached behind him for a small white box. I spent the next few minutes asking “Seriously?!” Before screaming yes. Turns out some family friends were behind us with cameras and champagne!

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