Jesse and Seamus

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How We Met

I was just coming out of a relationship and finishing my Master’s degree. I had declared the “summer of Jesse” because I needed some time to be free and settle myself. I moved back near where I had grown up to have the support I knew I needed for a new beginning. Seamus had started to hunker down into his studies to become a commercial pilot. I guess you could say we both realized separately that at 30 things weren’t where we wanted them. That same summer my best friend was marrying one of his good friends, so we were attending many of the same celebrations. And even though we had been at the same functions for years before, it was like we finally appeared to each other at the same time.

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We later discussed that I had always been the outsider friend who was taken. He had always been the life of the party. But both of us had changed in the other’s eyes. And so we went on a date. And a week later, we went on another. Then we went flying (!!!), and to a Red Sox game, and to Iceland. And within only months we realized that our sense of adventure, our attempts to out-quote each other from any movie, and our love for all things retro was just the beginning of something wonderful.


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how they asked

After a year of dating, we had started talking about getting engaged. I was offered a promotion with a contingency of relocation away from our families. Seamus was very supportive and so we prepared to move. At the last minute, I was able to secure a great job without having to move and Seamus got hired nearby as a full-time First Officer. Needless to say, all of this was hectic and put a damper on an engagement. Finally, once life slowed down (as much as it ever does) we planned a trip to visit his parents in Costa Rica. Knowing we needed a little more R&R he booked us a night away from the Pacific coast, up in the mountains under Volcano Arenal.

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We hiked during the day, relaxed in the afternoon, dined at Tabacon resort and prepared to soak in the natural hot springs in the evening. He kept insisting that we walk to find a nice soaking pool before we change into our swimsuits. I didn’t see why? There weren’t many guests there as it was nearly 8 pm. I thwarted these attempts. I wanted to get in the water and relax!! We changed in the separate locker rooms and started up the tropical covered pathway. We found a nice private area and I started into the water. I heard him say, “Before you get too far!” I turned around and he was down on one knee.

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I just kept saying “Oh my gosh. Are you sure?” He asked me to marry him and I hugged him and said yes! We cried and laughed and finally got into the hot springs to bask in our new elation. We shared glasses of champagne in a mild state of shock. It was only then that I realized… where had he kept the ring?! Because my stubbornness had kept us from walking up to the springs earlier he admitted he had to somehow hide it in his swim trunks. A box would be too obvious, so he tied the ring to the inside of his bathing suit! I laughed and laughed and thought if that just isn’t perfectly us. We hiked more the next day and spent the rest of our vacation celebrating at the beach.

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The night of the proposal at Tabacon Hot Springs, Arenal, Costa Rica.

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The following days celebrating with beach days and dinners at Playa Flamingo and Playa Potrero, Costa Rica.