Jesse and Dylan

how they asked

I received an email from our builder a few weeks prior that said “Hi Jesse & Dylan, we are now booking interior colour appointments. Are you available to come in on November 5th at noon? You should also drive by your lot, as the lot number signs will be up by then!”.

I was particularly excited because I had been asking the builder for the past few months when our exact lot number sign would go up so I could see precisely where our home was going to be (so my daydreams would be more accurate) .

The morning of November 5th, we got ready and left for our appointment with the builder. All week my mom and I had been emailing each other kitchen ideas and tile colours. I was so excited I was still googling photos on the way to the appointment and showing him photos of my dream kitchen.

With 10 minutes to spare, Dylan says he wants to go to the lot first since we had a few extra minutes and it was only 2 minutes away from the builders office.

He pulls up in front of the lot where our future home will be built in 3 months and I see the words “MARRY ME”. My first thought was “aww wow someone just got engaged that’s so amazing!”. Then I realized the sign was on my exact lot. He said “let’s get out of the car and check it out!”. We hopped out of the truck, stood in the mud and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.


Just when I thought he couldn’t have done any better, he showed me that he put a diamond from his great grandmothers engagement on the inside of the band. And when he asked BOTH my parents (separately) if he could marry me, he took a video so I could see and hear their reactions.


It was the biggest and best surprise of my entire life. We now get to make our house into a home on the exact ground where we officially agreed to spend the rest of our lives together.