Jessayca and Will

Where to Propose in Morris Farms in Carbondale, IL

how they asked

So my fiance has family in Southern IL and his sister got married on November 3, 2016. We are from a small town Petersburg, IL so I thought it was just a normal trip down for her wedding and her reception on that Saturday, November 5th. The day started as I was running around trying to help his sister, Crystal, make sure everything was done, cooked and ready for the reception.

The reception started and I continued to run around making sure the food stayed full and everything was in tip top shape as it was her reception she needed to enjoy it. Well after everyone ate and things started settling down she said she was doing the bouquet toss. Will and I have just met our 4 year mark on October 13th but not married.

From the very moment I met him I know he was the one. He always made me laugh, cared about me and treated me a women really should be treated. One down fall he always teased me he won’t get married until we hit our 20 year mark. So not thinking anything of it his sister said, “come on, let try and take off 20 years before you get married”.

So I went out to the group of girls who were wanting to catch this bouquet and she kept getting closer. A little girl was in front of me and I definitely didn’t want to tackle her so I just stood there. Crystal started counting . . . 1 . . 2 . . 3.


She turns around and says “I don’t want to wait 20 years” Will taps me on my shoulder and gets down on one knee.


After I start crying and of course say yes, before he can even put the ring on me he turns me around and my mom and sisters were able to watch the entire thing. He invited them and they made a 3 hour drive from Springfield to watch him purpose to me. It was by far the best proposal not only was everyone from his family there to witness it but having my mom and sisters there meant so much.