Jessa and Maxim

Where to Propose in Royal Caribbean Cruise- Cocokay

How We Met

Ok Cupid, you got us!

In February of 2017, the stars aligned, and two strangers living in two different cities met over the internet. A modern romance! Occasionally, life will put a relationship in your path that is so natural, that you wonder how you navigated life without them. This was the case with Max.

On our first date, Max offered to drive an hour to my small town to meet up for our first date. As I sat across the table from him in a restaurant off the marina, I wondered if this was my final first date? He was so passionate about tennis and family, and I hoped that one day he would become passionate about me. That night we stayed up until the early hours of the morning talking, and it wasn’t until 2:30 AM when he finally decided to kiss me.

We began our relationship long-distance and took our time with the dating chapter. We spent 1.5 years in separate cities, and then almost 1.5 years enjoying life in the same zip-code. In almost three years of dating, we have moved states, started new jobs, overcome personal setbacks, met personal fitness records, earned professional licenses, and quit bad habits to start new positive ones. We are not the same people as we were going into the relationship, and it is impossible to ignore the fact that we are better because we’re together.

The one thing that has maintained constant is our love and support for one another. Our relationship has always been a grand adventure of seeking the extraordinary, and it was only fitting that our proposal turned out to be the greatest adventure yet!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Royal Caribbean Cruise- Cocokay

Proposal Ideas Royal Caribbean Cruise- Cocokay

How They Asked

For my birthday this year, Max surprised me with the gift of my first cruise to the Bahamas. This was my first time out of the country, and one of our few romantic getaways outside of marathons or family vacations. I knew this could be a magical opportunity for our relationship to go to the next level, as it was an intimate trip that fulfilled the proposal guidelines I had set early on. (See proposal guidelines below)

1. I didn’t want friends and family present, so we could make the moment about us starting this journey together.
2. It couldn’t be on race day because I would be too focused on smashing goals.
3. I didn’t want a crowd of people.

Numbers one and two were easy for a cruise, but Max found out the third was super difficult. I anticipated it would happen on night one in our fancy outfits, but my expectations were far exceeded.

We entered day three of the cruise, excited for a fun day at the beach. I had no makeup on, wore only a swimsuit and cover-up, and for sure thought that he would not propose on the island. I would later find out that this was the first time he ever put the ring box in his pocket.

After settling into a couple of seats at the corner of the island, Max excused himself to go to the restroom and the bar. By the time he returned, I had already picked up my book and was fully relaxed. He strode up to me, took my book from my hands, removed my sunglasses, and pulled me to my feet.

My love led me to the water’s edge and asked me, “Do you trust me?”

Max told me “we’re swimming to that island,” motioning towards a floating platform “only” a quarter of a mile away. As we swam, he spoke of how life isn’t always easy, but we can take on anything as long as we are together. Somehow all of the kids sitting on the platform decided to leave at the right moment, leaving us alone on our own private floating platform island.

The lifeguard Max had secretly spoken with on the beach jet skied towards us and delivered the small magical box that I had dreamed about for so long. As my love knelt down on one knee, I forgot that my hair was drenched, that I had no makeup, or had the perfect outfit on. All of my expectations disappeared, and nothing else mattered but marrying the man of my dreams.

The rest of the world froze around us, and I all that I could see in the middle of the Caribbean ocean was the love that I had for this man. He told me that although our cruise was ending, our adventure together was just beginning. We can never know where our story is taking us, but we can choose who we want to travel life with. I can’t wait for the greatest forever adventure with the love of my life!

P.S. Cupid’s arrow does work.