Jess and Ryan

How We Met

Ryan and I saw each other at a birthday party for a mutual friend but didn’t actually meet that night, we both asked about each other after. A few days later while on a date with someone else, I got a call from my roommate. She said “go to the bathroom and call me”, so I did. She asked “how’s your date going? Just okay? Well, that guy Ryan from the other night is here and has been asking about you too!” I finished my date, waited for him to turn the corner, got right in my car and headed over to see him. We’ve been together ever since.

How They Asked

Ryan told me we were going to his company’s holiday party in Malibu. Instead, he rented a house on the beach, proposed to me on the balcony as the sun was setting on the water, and then surprised me AGAIN by having everyone I love waiting inside with hugs, love, dancing, tacos & tequila! It was the BEST night of my life!

Jess and Ryan's Engagement in Malibu, California

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Malibu, California

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