Jess and Trixi

how we met

I was badly in need of a girls weekend, so me and my best friend planned a getaway to Steinhatchee, Fl. We had planned on just hanging out and relaxing our worries away, until, she decided to invite a few of her guy friends to come along. I was very upset that she did this because I wanted it to just be us girls. But little did I know, my whole world, was about to change. One of the guys (now my fiancĂ©) was named Jess. Once I started talking and getting to know Jess I could already tell he was one of a kind. The way that he looked at me that entire weekend was breathtaking and I could tell instantly he adored me. He showed me that southern boy charm that could make any woman feel like she’s a queen. After that weekend Jess and I ended up being really great friends for a while. He was amazing, I could turn to him for anything and talk to him about everything. Months later we decided to go out on a limb, to see if this attraction was more than just that, and sure enough we both began a fall for each other the way most people only dream of falling for one another. I had always heard about a love like this, but I never witnessed it for myself until I met him. I would have never imagined that a weekend getaway with my girlfriend, would turn into me finding the man of my dreams! Needless to say I couldn’t stay mad at my friend forever because she did me the favor of a lifetime!

how they asked

The day after he surprised me with a trip to Savannah, GA (where I had been dying to go to for months) we were walking around playing tourists and decided to stop by Forsyth park. I was 8 months pregnant at the time, and he wanted to get a picture with me. I kept saying no pictures (because I felt like a whale) and refused to take a picture. He finally gave up on the picture… As we were walking out of the park, he got down on one knee, pouring out his heart about how much he loved me and how much he already loved our baby boy!

He then explained how he couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with us. The tears began to flow because I finally had met the man of my dreams and could not wait to become a family of 3. I felt bad after the proposal because I refused to take a picture with him so he could propose as he planned and not to mention the ring fell out of his pocket in the park and I thought it was his wallet. I missed all the signs leading up to it, but I’m glad he was able to surprise me because that’s a hard thing to do!

Special Thanks

Kasey Little Photography