Jess and Trenton

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How We Met

Trenton and I have been in each other’s lives since college. We first met in 2009 through a mutual friend at a party, but didn’t see each other again after that for another year and a half. Trent says he didn’t pursue me then because he knew I was special and he wasn’t ready for me then, but he can recite exactly what I was wearing and how I looked on this fateful night (I have no way of knowing if this is true, but I’ll take his word for it). The next time we saw each other was in January of 2011, we ran into each other at the Landshark in East Lansing, and that’s truly when it was game over for both of us. It did take a bit of effort on Trent’s end, but I couldn’t resist his offer to be his Valentine with a stuffed animal and chocolates. The next two years together were full of awesome moments that included my graduation, a great senior season for Trent, long distance while I was working in metro Detroit and Trent left MSU early to train for the combine in California, and in late April, 2012, getting drafted to the San Francisco 49ers (still one of the best days of our lives!).

After his first season with the 49ers under his belt, I moved out to California to be with Trent. Talk about a whirlwind! Just when we were finally settled in and I found a job out there, life threw us a curve ball and we were packed up and moving to Philadelphia, and then, two weeks later, Ashburn, VA. This is when reality set in for us that at 23/24 (babies!!) years old, the NFL life wasn’t all glitz and glam (moving across the country in a days notice, and then moving again two weeks later AND job loss really did us in) and we decided to go our separate ways in the fall of 2013. Looking back, we are both in complete agreement that those 2.5 years apart was the best thing we could’ve done to find our way back to each other, through growing up, finding ourselves as individuals and now, being the best versions of ourselves for one another. While we always remained friends and supporters from afar, when I heard from Trent in June of 2016, I knew it was different, I knew I was hearing from the man I would eventually call my husband. The rest is pretty much history because on Thanksgiving Day, he proposed, and it was truly perfect.

how they asked

On Thanksgiving morning, I was sent on a day long scavenger hunt. Clue one was a mani/pedi with my sister. Clue two told me to go back home to pick out a dress (7 new dresses were laid out on the bed for me to pick one..already a dream come true!). We went to lunch on the beach where he suddenly got up to “use the restroom.” Minutes later my mom sat down at the table and handed me my last clue, which led me to Trent who was waiting for me on the beach along with our families (I didn’t even know they were in town!)

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He was standing within a heart of rose petals and next to it, more rose petals that spelled out “Marry Me?”

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I honestly don’t remember what he said other than “Sugarfoot (my nickname) you’re my heart beat and its time.” It was the best vacation/Thanksgiving ever!

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I honestly can’t wait to do life with him!

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