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o it all began just as friends our sophomore year of college at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH. We had a mutual friend Colleen who brought us together. It was during finals week and we were playing hangman in the cafeteria trying to avoid studying. We grew closer as the years went on constantly flirting. I even tried to deny my love for Tim on multiple occasions. We started dating our senior year and all our friends said FINALLY.

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The night he proposed to me I was entirely unsuspecting. We just got a minigolden doodle Charlie a month before and I had it in my mind it would be at least a few more years. (I had waited 5 and a half years what’s a couple more I thought)! We had a date night planned because I had been away the past couple weekends and had not really seen each other.We always try and do date night so it was not out of the ordinary. (Little did I know he had been wanting to propose the prior two weekends!) We went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant in Boston and grabbed a drink afterwards. We headed home and were planning on watching a movie when I opened the door to find candles and rose petals lining our apartment floor. I immediately thought “Oh my is it happening?!” I continued walking in and there were pictures from every year of our relationship and flowers scattered on the table with a note. The note started with “Five and a half years and hundreds of pictures. I may not love taking them but I would take a million more if it meant I got to have you by my side for them. You just can’t help but make me smile…” I immediately knew and started crying to turn and find Tim on one knee asking me to marry him! I have never been so surprised in my life and my cheeks hurt from smiling so much! His sisters joined us shortly afterwards because they had helped set the whole thing up! Truly a moment I will never forget saying yes to my best friend. Our dog Charlie was also pawsitively thrilled!

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