Jess and Ryan

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Joffre Lakes, British Columbia

How We Met

Ryan and I actually met on good ol’ tinder. He lives in Seattle and I live in Vancouver, so we were completely out of each other’s radiuses except for during the holidays. Luckily on the day, we matched he was up visiting family in Blaine (just south of the border) and I was visiting family in Crescent Beach (just north of the border). I had already decided that day to delete tinder, so I gave him my number on the off chance we did have a spark. His corny jokes about losing his passport had obviously worked!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Joffre Lakes, British Columbia

We messaged constantly and there never seemed to be a moment where we didn’t have something to say to each other. We had some really funny connections; like I have a tattoo with four lines representing 11-11 and my four family members and his birthday is November 11th (11-11). We texted so regularly, in the first week I managed to rack up a $500 international texting fee that I somehow managed to weasel my way out of.

Jess and Ryan's Engagement in Joffre Lakes, British Columbia

I remember on New Year’s Eve he asked if he could finally call me to hear my voice. He was at a party but went outside and we ended up speaking for hours. He pretty much missed the entire party just to stand outside in the cold and speak to me. I knew after such an amazing night of just chatting I had to go down and visit him, so my girlfriend and I booked a bus down to Seattle for the following weekend.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Joffre Lakes, British Columbia

On the first night we were down there we agreed to meet up with Ryan and some friends at a local bar. I was so nervous and constantly looking around to see if and when he would walk in the bar. When he finally sat down at the table, he gave me a horrible wink and I’ve been hooked on him ever since.

How They Asked

Ryan and I have been dating for just around a year. I live in Vancouver, he lives in Seattle, and although we see each other often it’s never more than a long weekend. We were both very excited about the holidays as he took a bunch of time off work and I’m on school break, so we finally got to spend an extended period of time together.

We started our time up in Whistler; enjoying cozy mornings in the cabin, skiing, and après-ing at Dusty’s (if you know, you know). Ryan and I love being outdoors, so it wasn’t surprising that he suggested a snowshoe up to a beautiful glacier spot one morning. After about an hour long drive, we arrived at Joffre Lakes only to realize we were the only people there and that we had the entire trail to ourselves. Joffre has three lakes and our destination was the third and final lake which boasted amazing views of a beautiful blue glacier. He was generally pretty quiet during the hike but I didn’t think much of it as we were exerting ourselves and the aforementioned après-ing may or may not have been taking its toll on us. We finally made it up to Middle Lake when the skies started clearing, blue skies started to appear, and we could see the glacier in the distance. Unfortunately, we soon found out that no one had ventured further on to the final lake, so we’d have to turn around because the snow was waist deep.

At that moment, we were in front of a beautiful waterfall and Ryan kind of hesitated and asked if I wanted a snack and whether I’d like it here (at the falls) or the Middle Lake. I started getting a little suspicious at that moment – everything added up: epic hike to ourselves, blue sky, blue glacier, etc. It was all very “us”! We returned to the lake and found a spot to snack, but first, he wanted to take a picture of us with the glacier in the background. We take photos on all our hikes, so this wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, but he was being a tad finicky. When I hit the timer and ran to his side I knew right away it was happening as he turned to me and pulled out a little box.

Before he could even say anything, I started ugly crying (I’m an expert level ugly crier). He had an idea of what he was going to say beforehand, but he couldn’t stop laughing at me, so he opted for the simple “I love you. Will you marry me?” And I blubbered out a “YES” before he put an icy blue ring on my finger (if you haven’t caught on yet, blue is our thing). We made the long trek back down the mountain – it took a while longer because I made us stop about every 20 steps in order to scream something about being engaged – and although we never made it up to the glacier that day, I got to leave with my own little piece of ice and an exciting future ahead!