Jess and Preston

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How We Met

We met at Passion City Church in November of 2016 (but of course Jess doesn’t remember). We met, twice, I might add within a few weeks. The first time we met, we didn’t really think much of anything. I thought she was cute, and of course she couldn’t keep her eyes off me. But that was it, nothing more and nothing less. A few weeks later we met again, at church. We sat and had a very long conversation about life and future career choices, etc. It was definitely a moment where I thought “Hey, she’s kind of cool.” So I (sneakily) asked for her number just to see where things would go. We hung out once and then I was shot down, like a bomber plane falling in WW2. But I brushed it off and kept on with life, or so I thought. I couldn’t get this pale, lovely creature out of my mind. So what did I do? I tried again, only to get a hard “No,” this no was harder than Jesus saying “Don’t eat of that fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden.” But, once again, I was okay. But also once again, I tried AGAIN (I was clearly desperate) however, this time, somehow I managed to get her to say yes. I didn’t know how that happened but I kept it and here we are today, soon to get married (or at least thats what I’m being told).

how they asked

June 10, 2017: it started out as an ordinary day with my best friend coming to visit and a day filled with laughs and LOTS of food. Little did I know that the absolute love of my life had planned the most extravagant scavenger hunt for later that day. He had so called “plans” that he had to get to and my dearest best friend was tasked with keeping me occupied. At 7 that evening I get a card handed to me with a note that has a clue about where to go and I quickly get dressed and rush to the first stop of many, Costco (the first big adult step we took was spending $400 here…oops), where to my surprise, my parents were waiting with a second clue that led me to my old apartment, a place where Preston and I grew our relationship and had doubts and fears and laughs. My friend from my hometown was waiting there with a clue that led me to our first date spot AND my favorite place, Mellow Mushroom. My dearest friends from college waited there with a letter leading me to Passion City Church, the place where I first met the love of my life and the place where we are still deepening our roots and our relationship in Jesus. It was there where our church community waited and handed me a letter that led me to Piedmont Park, where the man of my dreams would get down on one knee and ask me to spend the rest of my life with him. A question to which I answered “100% YES!” And so, here we are, two crazy kids madly in love with each other and madly in love with Jesus, just waiting until the day we say “I do!”

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Special Thanks

Emily Battles
 | Photographer