Jess and Lewis


How We Met

June 4, 2010, Lewis and I had first met at a local downtown bar in New York City called Katra. At the time, I lived back home in Pennsylvania and I was in NYC for the weekend with a group of girlfriends for a birthday party. Katra is a casual bar with 2 separate floors, but we stayed on the downstairs floor because that’s where they played the good hiphop music. Once we got there, the girls and I headed to the bar for some drinks. Down on the opposite end, I spotted this extremely cute guy about 6’2, Asian with a buzz cut. We made eye contact here and there, but I didn’t think much of it. The girls and I migrated to the dance floor and danced the night away. The bar was crowded and hot so I decided to get some air outside and headed up the stairs to exit.

On my way up the stairs, that cute guy from the bar happened to be walking down at the same time. We crossed paths and he stopped to introduce himself and we had a quick but good chat. Lewis (his name) thought I was leaving since I was on my way out, so he asked for my BBM pin because we both had our Blackberrys in our hands (yes, that was the thing to do back then before iphones took over the world). Without hesitation, I gave him my BBM and proceeded to head out for air as he went back into the bar. A few minutes of being outside, the entire bar started to empty out because the party was coming to an end.

A month later – I accepted a job offer in NYC and moved there shortly after. Lewis and I had kept in touch so we started to hang out once I settled into NY. He showed me around the city and took me to a bunch of well known “tourist” spots such as Times Square, Central Park, Seaport, museums, famous restaurants, etc. He even gave me a tour around Brooklyn areas, where he’s originally from. He’s probably taught me everything I need to know about New York and it’s always a fun adventure when we’re together! Never would I ever imagine that I’d be with a guy that I randomly met at a bar, but here we are 6 years later, engaged and happier than ever!




how they asked

August 11, 2016

Lewis and I were double-dating with my sister Lisa and her boyfriend for her birthday dinner at a restaurant called Chart House in New Jersey. It’s a beautiful restaurant which is known for their amazing view of the NYC skyline across the river. Coincidentally, it’s also the restaurant that Lewis took me on one of our first serious dates. I didn’t think anything of it since it’s a well known restaurant, so we drive over there after work for our reservation at 7:30pm. On our way over, Lisa texted me saying that they’re running late, which is 100% believable because she’s ALWAYS late. She’s literally late to everything!

We pull up to the front of the restaurant and leave our car with Valet. Since Lisa was running late, Lewis asked if we want to walk around to check out the view before we go in. I agreed and we started walking towards the back Patio area. It was a nice day, so the skyline looked so clear and pretty! Once we get to the end, Lewis stops me and starts telling me how much he loved me and couldn’t see himself spending his life with anyone else. Right at this moment, I’m saying to myself “OMG IT’S HAPPENING!”.. I turn around and I see 4 of my best friends all holding signs that say “Will you marry me?”.


I turn to my other shoulder, and I see my entire family, Lewis’s family and all of our close friends clapping and cheering. I start to get emotional once Lewis got down on one knee and proposed “Will you marry me?”. One of my best friends, Joseph Li, is an amazing NYC photographer who was able to capture this moment on camera so beautifully!


This is by far the best day and my most favorite picture!

Without hesitation, I said YES! The ring is stunning and fits me perfectly!


I was so surprised and had no idea that Lisa was in on the surprise. Basically, the ENTIRE restaurant had witnessed my proposal, and I didn’t care because it was great!!

Afterwards, all 30 of us headed into Chart House for dinner, and we saw that Lewis had customized the restaurant menus that said “Congratulations Jessica & Lewis” on top of each and every one of them! They also had the same text on our desserts as well!


We’re so excited to begin this new chapter of our lives, and are so thankful for everyone who had attended to share this moment with us! I’m a lucky lady and can’t wait to become Mrs. Leung!

Special Thanks

Joseph Li
Joseph Li Photography