Jess and Kyle

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How We Met

I noticed Kyle at the beginning of my third year of college. He was coming out of a stats class as I was going in. Later that day he noticed me in our accounting class. He said, “Hey you! Hey! Hey you!” multiple times before I turned around noticing he was talking to me and from there on the rest is history!

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How They Asked

A friend of mine (who is a photographer), Tori, reached out to me to ask if Kyle and I would like to model a styled shoot with Pretty Little Picnics. After talking with Kyle, I let her know that we would love to! Little did I know that a few days later Kyle messaged Tori to let her know he would be popping the question at the shoot! We arrived at the shoot and the set up was absolutely perfect!

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They even let us bring our fur baby Bentley. After taking a few photos sitting down, Tori asks us to stand up, and before I know it Kyle is grabbing a box from his pocket and kneeling down asking me to marry him! My reply was, “Yes of course!!!” and shortly after I whisper to him, “Finally.” We dated almost 6 years before he asked me to marry him. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!

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Special Thanks

Tori Hinojosa
 | Photographer
Pretty Little Picnic
 | Picnic set up