Jess and Jon

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Carmel Beach, CA

How We Met

Jon and I have known each other since we were born – our moms were friends when they both got pregnant with us around the same time! We had lots of play dates growing up, and while we drifted apart in middle school, we became fast friends again and started dating in high school. He was the quarterback at his school, and the joke would always be that I was the one girl who liked him NOT because of football (after the first game I watched, I asked him where he was on the field because I didn’t know what any of the positions meant).

Jess and Jon's Engagement in Carmel Beach, CA

how they asked

When Jon asked me to be his girlfriend, he asked me at our favorite beach where we grew up. The morning of the proposal, he asked me to go for a morning swim (our favorite thing to do when we’re home), and I thought nothing of it. It was supposed to rain that morning, so it was overcast and gloomy. Right as we were going into the water, the clouds parted, and there was a gorgeous sunrise! As we waded into the water, a pod of dolphins swam nearby. We were both stunned, and when I wasn’t paying attention, Jon ran back out of the water and grabbed a towel and the ring. When he came back to me, he got down on one knee and popped the question :) his sweet sisters were hiding behind some bushes and captured this sweet shot!