Jess and Joe

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How We Met

Joe and I met while sledding with friends during our sophomore year of high school. Over a short amount of time, Joe and I grew close as we formed a very tight-knit group of friends (seven of us to be exact!). Our friend group was constantly together, even hanging out at each others’ houses in the morning before school. We dated other people throughout high school and became distant as college started. When I transferred to KU, we began hanging out again.

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For a while, it was completely platonic despite us spending every second together. We became each other’s favorite person and would talk for hours and hours. Now both single, we became inseparable. Eventually, we had our first kiss, mostly out of friends trying to convince us that we were soulmates and “meant to be”. After we kissed, we just had this feeling of “Oh! You’ve been right here all along!”

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How They Asked

We knew almost as soon as we started dating in February of 2017 that we had found the person we would be with forever. Before Joe proposed, we had talked about being engaged and getting married hundreds of times. We talked about it probably every day! I had a Pinterest board filled with the ring of my dreams, and we had even gone to look at rings at a jewelry store about a year before he proposed. The night before Halloween, Joe asked if I wanted to have a morning picnic date at Heritage Park. In high school, we often went to this park to talk about our troubles, vent, or just hang out. I wasn’t suspicious in the slightest.

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As I got ready, he didn’t rush me or seem antsy so I had no reason to believe anything was planned. Right before we left, he walked in on me taking off ALL my nail polish. I didn’t know it at the time, but he was internally freaking out. I painted my nails in the car simply because I had the time and I knew it would be a long drive – I feel so bad now for how stressed he probably was about my nails looking insane during that drive.

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Once we got to the park and started walking down the hill of my favorite shelter, he commented on how pretty the water was. We planned to sit at the edge of this giant pond – just like we would have in high school. As Joe sat down on the blanket, he knelt down and pulled out the ring box. He told me how much he loved me (and a bunch of other sweet things I’d like to keep in my own head forever) and asked me to marry him! We were so giddy and excited all we could do was hysterically laughing. It was perfect.

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