Jess and Jake

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How We Met

We met through work! Neither of us had dated a coworker before, as we knew it was a treacherous territory. I gushed about my crush to my closest coworkers, thinking there was no way he didn’t have a girlfriend already.

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But after about a year and a half of keeping it professional, he asked me to grab a beer with him. Eventually, it became a weekly date, trying new places every weekend and bonding over our love of craft beer (we do live in Colorado, after all). Many dates and vacations later… we’re engaged!

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How They Asked

It was a pandemic proposal! He is the better cook of us both, so it was just another night of him graciously making us dinner. He was whispering profanities under his breath in the kitchen, and I asked, “What is wrong???” He said, “I’m messing everything up!” And I told him everything would be fine; it’s no big deal (not thinking twice about it). Once dinner was ready, we went out to our balcony to watch the sunset (one of my favorite places). He had a candlelit and our song playing.

Then he said, “I messed dinner up, but one thing that might make it better is if you’d be my wife.” He gets down on one knee and I couldn’t stop laughing (a nervous reaction). Of course, I said “Yes!” though after the fact he told me I could have said it faster. 😂 We toasted with champagne and called friends and family. It was a moment neither of us will ever forget. We’re over the moon excited!

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