Jess and Craig

How We Met

We met a year after college. All of our friends usually go to this one beach town for Memorial Day weekend. I was staying with some of my friends from college, who Craig had coincidently met, and lived with for a summer a couple of years before. One night we were all getting ready to go out when a group of people shows up at the door. I didn’t pay much attention since there were a ton of people already in the house, but Craig said he noticed me right away.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Grand Teton National Park

We ended up chatting and having a good time but were also distracted by all our other friends visiting that weekend so we didn’t get to spend too much time together. At the end of the weekend, we exchanged numbers and kept in touch for a couple of months, but we lived in different cities so we never ran into each other after that. Fast forward about 5 months, and I’m hanging out with the same group of friends that I was staying with at the beach that weekend, and low and behold, who stumbles in, but Craig. After that night he asked me out on our first date, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

How They Asked

We started camping in different National Parks around the country in our first year of dating. Ever since then, we always plan at least one camping trip each year. This year we were going to Grand Teton in Wyoming. Even though it was July there was still some snow up in the mountains. We figured it wouldn’t be too bad though, and set out on a 9-mile hike up to a mountain lake. Once we reached the last two miles though, we were met with 2 feet of heavy snow still covering the mountainside.

I was exhausted by the last mile and said we should just turn back, but Craig kept encouraging me to keep going and saying the end would absolutely be worth it. By the time we reached the lake, no one was around and it was so quiet and peaceful. We sat down on a rock to take it all in, and that’s when he popped the question! It was all so surreal and beautiful sitting by the frozen lake in such a gorgeous place. The only downfall was how worried I was about losing the ring in the hike back through the snow!