Jess and Blake

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How We Met

Written by Jess- My finance and I met at Utah State University’s “HOWL”, a huge Halloween party during my freshman year and his sophomore year. We first bumped into each while dancing in the crowd. He was dressed up as shirtless doctor and I as a cheerleader (lol). He pushed some gross guys off me and then introduced himself. Later on in the night I was waiting in line for the drinking fountain when he came up and asked for my number and I happily obliged (way romantic, I know). He took two weeks to text me after that, but only said “Hey this is Blake from the HOWL” and didn’t continue a conversation afterwards (bless him). Then another 2 weeks passed and he finally asked me out…on a not so great first date. Even though the date itself wasn’t the best, I was so intrigued by this guy. He wasn’t like anyone else I had met, so I gave him a second date. After that date I was whipped beyond belief. I loved getting to know him. I enjoyed hearing about his ambitions, family, and interests and he genuinely listened to mine as well. He was funny, sweet, and outgoing when we were together. BUT was the worst texter on the planet. I wouldn’t hear from him for two weeks at a time. I honestly thought he didn’t like me very much, but would just ask me out every once in awhile when he was bored. Of course everyone told me not to keep going out with him, but I didn’t listen. Then a few months later my roommate finally had to ask, “So what are you guys??” Which sparked me to ask him the next day if we were now boyfriend and girlfriend. He said yes if I wanted to be and then I was the happiest girl alive. 1 year and 7 months later we got engaged!!!

how they asked

Written by Blake- Honestly, I was set on getting married after starting a career in medicine. That eventually changed because of the most amazing girl I have ever met, but I was pretty stubborn about considering getting married sooner. I was focused on school because of a fear of financial instability as newlyweds, but as we discussed plans to finish college and start our careers, I opened up to the idea of an earlier marriage. She is and has been so patient and supportive of my aspirations and I realized I didn’t want to wait anymore. For several months I began casually asking her about and investigating rings. Not long after that, I found out my family was planning a trip to Italy. My original plan was to wait until we started school again so that I could enlist her friends for help, but I couldn’t pass up an engagement in Italy. Plus, I convinced her I would propose in November, and I knew she would love getting engaged in Europe. While she was at work I met with and eventually purchased her ring from a local jeweler. A few days we were at the airport and I was sweating in the security line worrying the TSA might have to search my bag and expose my plan. We made it to our first destination near Sorrento where I planned to propose with a beautiful view of the island of Capri in the background….She got sick. Had to postpone. Then next several days were filled with travel itinerary and my only other chance in Sorrento was just before we left (driving about 3 hours) to Rome… not exactly romantic. Our days in Rome were even more filled than in Sorrento, but I saw a picture of the view of St. Peter’s Basilica from Ponte Sant’Angelo and knew that’s where I wanted to propose. The bridge of angels. I knew we would be dressed up to visit the Vatican, so it was a perfect time to propose. That morning I made sure we were up early and tried to get a cute video of her getting ready before the proposal (she was salty from getting mosquito bites in her sleep so… not her sweetest moments, but funny lol). We left our AirBNB at 6 in the morning and I rushed us 20min on foot across the city to get there for the sunrise. Once we arrived at the bridge she was distracted by the castle on the other side while I pulled the ring out of my backpack. I set the bag aside, hid the ring box in one hand, and took the phone from her hand and pocketed it as I approached her. Next I dropped to one knee and said “I know I said I was going to wait, and I know it’s super early in the morning, but I’m excited. I love you so much, you’re my best friend, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” She was in tears almost immediately after I started my speech, and I teared up as well by the end. The happiness we have together is unbelievable and it showed on that bridge the morning of August 1st.

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