Jess and Ben | Proposal at a Matisyahu Concert

How We Met: Ben and I met almost 5 years ago on Cape Cod, Mass. Ben grew up and still resides on the Cape, while I vacationed there for my entire life. My family and I would visit the Cape several times each year for as long as I can remember. As I got older, the Cape became my go-to place if I needed to get away, change of scenery, or just breathe some ocean air and relax. One trip to the Cape proved to be much different than all the rest. In the winter of 2009, Ben & I met in a small restaurant/bar. The rest is history. Neither one of us have looked back ever since! The past five years have been filled with so many amazing memories made together.

how they asked: On December 3rd, Ben and I had tickets for a Matisyahu concert in Providence, RI. We had planned to meet in Providence after work for dinner and the show (Ben traveling from the Cape, and me traveling from CT). Little did I know, Ben had made very elaborate, surprise plans with the management team at the concert. Earlier that afternoon, he simply mentioned to me that he entered us into a raffle he had seen online for a chance to win backstage passes, meet & greet, etc. I thought nothing of it because Ben happens to be the luckiest person I know, and he is always entering for a chance to win anything! So, after the concert opener performed, a staff person came to our seats and informed us we had won the raffle!? He led us away from our seats and walked us backstage while Matisyahu was getting ready to perform. We were told we would watch the show from a side-stage couch and were given backstage passes! I was so surprised at this awesome opportunity, and Ben appeared equally as surprised…! (Turns out, Ben is a very convincing actor!)

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The concert began and we enjoyed the show from backstage, pictured above. We had the best seats in the house for one of our favorite artists! What could be better?! About half way through the show, a guest performer came on stage for a freestyle rap. All of a sudden, I began to realize the rapper was pointing at us and telling us to go out on stage. Minor detail, I am not a ‘stage’ person at all…! Ben is much more easy going in front of a crowd than I am…but, Ben took my hand and happily led us out to the middle of the stage during the concert (pictured below)!? I still had no idea what was going on. I was trying so hard to listen to what the rapper was saying, afraid he was going to ask me or tell me to do something and I wanted to be prepared since this is not my comfort zone!

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After being on stage for what felt like hours, but realistically was only a few minutes, I heard the rapper say “Drop that beat. Now it’s time to pop the question!” He led Ben over to a small ‘x’ taped on the stage. Ben got down on one knee, microphone in one hand, ring box in the other, and proposed!!

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My entire body was shaking, first just from nerves of being on stage in the middle of a concert, but then from complete shock and excitement! It felt like everything around me disappeared, all I could see and hear was Ben. Without hesitation, I said “Yes!” and the audience erupted in cheers. As we walked off stage, back to our side-stage seats, Ben pointed out someone recording us on video. As part of his elaborate planning, he made arrangements for the entire proposal to be captured on video! We later got pictures from a professional photographer who was shooting the concert, as well as other pictures from concert audience members who posted them on social media in the following days.

It was truly a night I will never forget. After the proposal, Ben told me he had another surprise; instead of returning to our own homes in CT & MA, he planned ahead so that he could join me in CT to celebrate with my family. This gesture meant more to me than words could express. I found out later that night that Ben had asked my parents permission in June (!!!) but had been waiting for just the right ring, and just the right proposal. Six months later, at 1:00am after the concert, we drove straight to my parents house to celebrate our engagement! Ben pulled off the ultimate proposal, and we are both so happy and beyond excited for this next chapter in our lives together.

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