Jess and Alex

Jess and Alex's Engagement in Covent Garden, London

How We Met

Alex and I had our first date at Point Pleasant, NJ. We spent the rainy beach day mini golfing and walking down the boardwalk. When we heard Frank Sinatra playing over someone’s porch speakers, we instantly connected over our love for Frank and Elvis. After lots of pancake Sundays we moved to Philly together. Now we spend our time enjoying everything Philly has to offer with our dog, Dash.

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Proposal Ideas Covent Garden, London

How They Asked

It was our first time visiting London. The city looked magical with almost every street decorated for Christmas. Finally, we arrived at Covent Garden, with gorgeous greenery and mistletoe everywhere. At the front, there were two wooden chairs. The perfect place for a quick photo op. We took our photo and Alex asked if we could do one more kneeling.

Before I could kneel all the way down I realized what was happening. My heart was so happy and hearing the locals congratulate us made me realize that this was just the start to our amazing adventures together! We celebrated with our friends at Punch and Judy’s and followed it up with ice skating at Somerset House.

Special Thanks

Hay Svensson (captured a proposal photo as she was walking by)
 | Photographer