Jesi and Peyton

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How We Met

Seth and I met on my 21st birthday (September 3rd 2014) in good ole’ Denton Texas. I wish I could say we met at church or somewhere cute and romantic but we met at a bar on Fry street (sorry mom). My roommate at the time had been telling me about this dude that thought I was really pretty and said he wanted to meet me. She had been sending him random snap chats of me the week leading up to my birthday where he would reply with heart eye emojis and what not. Your modern day prince charming *rolls eyes* I of course didn’t even entertain his little emoji snapchats. I didn’t even entertain the idea of him until I saw him at the bar on my birthday and told my my roommate how HOT I thought he was. After an hour he finally came up to talk to me and offered to buy me a shot. To say it was the most disguising shot ever would be an understatement (it was a ButteryNipple, gag). I said “oh my gosh that’s nasty” and that basically was our interaction for the night. Love at first sight, right?! The next day he messaged me on Facebook and asked for my number and if we could go on a date. I told him I wasn’t much of a fancy date girl so we could order a pizza and watch a movie or something. Again, your modern day love story… Netflix and Chill. Two weeks after that I went home with him for a wedding and met his parents, which sealed the deal on our relationship. Fast-forward three years later and here we are living together with our sweet fur baby, Riggins (Texas Forever) and absolutely loving life together!

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how they asked

I had been at nationals in Galveston all week with the studio I work at. Seth came up that Thursday to watch my girls dance and my mom was planning on coming that next day to watch as well. The girls ended up doing amazing Thursday night, placing in overalls and qualifying to dance Saturday. Yayyyyy! Friday morning Seth and I woke up and headed over to the convention center to watch duets and trios. Susan (my boss) had told me a few days before that after awards we were going to the San Luis Hotel to take staff pictures for the website. I told Seth that he didn’t need to stay for awards and that I would meet him after I took the pictures. He mentioned that he would probably go grab a beer or something because being at a dance competition for 2 days is a lot for a man to take ;)

I had been calling my mom off and on that day because she was supposed to come and watch but no answer. I kept telling everyone had annoyed I was that no one was answering my phone call, but I know now she was dealing with more important things! Awards ended around 3:30 and we were supposed to be at the hotel at 4:00 for pictures so we had to hurry back to where we were staying to change and then go to take pictures.

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As we walked into the San Luis (which is absolutely gorgeous) I saw Susan and Steven standing by the photographers. They had told me that they already took their pictures and Caitlyn (my co worker) instantly said “alright Jes, you’re up next” It was HOT that day, like 105 degrees, so they were going to stay inside until it was their turn. I was honestly not looking forward to these pictures, it was hot and I was tired from being at a dance competition all week, and just wanted to go home and take a nap. But good thing I pulled it together! When I got to the gazebo Julian (photographer) told me to stay focused on him and he would let me know when to look over at Rocio (his wife, the other photographer). We took a a few pictures and then he said, “Okay, now look at my wife” As I turned my head I saw Seth and our sweet pup, Riggins walking towards me.

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I knew what was fixing to happen and tears started to fill me eyes. But tears didn’t start streaming down my face until I read Riggins banner that said “Will you marry my Dad?”

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Seth told me how much he loved me and how I was his best friend, then he started to cry, and that’s when my ugly Kim K cry started. He said a few more sweet things and then got down on one knee and said “Jesi Lee Danna, Will you marry me?” I of course said YES and I kissed and hugged him as my FIANCÉ for the first time!

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I heard cheers and that’s when I looked over and saw all of our family and friends. And I cried some more. I rushed over and hugged some of my best friend first and then hugged my momma! She told me seth had driven after work one day to my home town (4hrs away) to ask her permission to marry me. I was just over the moon that all these people had come all this way to share this perfect day with us.

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They are all SO important to us and made this day complete! This proposal had been in the works for months and had changed numerous times due to weather and other dance related things. The fact that I had NO IDEA and everyone else had known for months and kept it a secret still blows my mind. How could I have been so clueless?!

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Seth and I took more pictures and then made our way into a conference room inside the hotel that was completely decorated for Seth and I. Now it all made sense as to why no one was answering my phone calls that day and why Seth insisted that he go get a beer, they were a little busy making this magical moment happen.

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A week later and I am still on cloud 9! God is so good and has blessed me with the best gift ever… spending the rest of my life with my best friend!!

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Special Thanks

Julian Quiceno
 | Photographer