Jes and James

How We Met

At a bar. I know they say not to, but we turned out alright. I thought he was cute so naturally I ignored him, he got my attention by making fun of my use of hand sanitizer before and after eating. We closed it after hours of conversation.

How They Asked

A complete surprise. We took the day off, went into Philly for a video game exhibit at The Franklin Institute, then to Book Corner, (a place we’ve been wanting to visit where he bought me The Hobbit) followed by a quick visit to Starbucks. We were walking along just across from the Free Library of Philadelphia when he asked me to hold his wallet so he could get something out. There, laid in his open wallet, was the ring I had described to him years ago. He told me he was waiting for a perfect moment to ask, but any moment with me is perfect. He knelt in the drizzling rain and asked. I replied with a positive nod, “Are you sure?” We laugh about it now, but I was so surprised HE wanted to marry ME!

Special Thanks

J&J Studios, LLC
 | Photography
Free Library of Philadelphia
 | Location