Jerry and Natashya

How We Met

We met as a friend of friends a while back–not sure exactly when. We became close 3 years ago when she moved to the South Bay for work. We started going out more often with friends. That led to us becoming closer and hanging out together. We went out to a sushi dinner at Sushi Tomi in downtown Mountain View. I intentionally picked Sushi Tomi because I know she loves good food and the place serves really good sushi. We really enjoyed the dinner. Afterward, I took her walking around downtown and asked her to become my girlfriend.

How They Asked

When Jerry came to us to help with his proposal to girlfriend Natashya, there seemed to be an underlying theme in their relationship… that they are COMPLETE OPPOSITES! Natashya prefers sweet foods, Jerry prefers salty. She loves Asian food, he likes burgers. She loves Korean dramas, he prefers Western TV series. He loves sports… well, you get the idea! Even though they don’t have much in common in the interests department, they are still the perfect fit. It’s true what they say… opposites really do attract!

Proposal Ideas Sonoma, CA

To play off this theme, we created a giant balloon heart with hanging magnets to display the many differences they have. In the center of the balloon heart, there was a banner reading “Opposites attract” in Korean (to represent her love for Korean TV Dramas). They finished off the day with lunch and champagne overlooking the beautiful Sonoma scenery. – Megan, Proposal Planner at The Yes Girls

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Special Thanks

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