Jerry and Myra

How We Met

We like to tell everyone we met by mutual friends in passing but truth be told, we were both out with friends and met at a bar, which the bar now no longer exist. We were actually on our way out of the bar and on to the next one when a beautiful face caught my eye. I stopped in my tracks and knew I had to approach her or else I would be thinking about it the whole night with regret. Lucky enough in the group of girls she was with i knew one of them, oddly enough was her cousin, so i saw my window of opportunity to approach then be introduced.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Dallas Reunion Tower

The closer I got the more nervous I became, I began to coach myself in my head (breath…. don’t act nervous, smile, try not to stare so much lol). Once we finally were introduced we connected right away, I really don’t remember all that was said only how I felt which was lucky…. better yet blessed to be walking by at that very moment, to know that one person in her group of friends and realize that just a few hours earlier I had to be convinced to even go out. Life’s funny like that sometimes, you never know when God is going to show you your path to the rest of your life.

How They Asked

The day was full of nerves, I literally had to go to the doctor a week earlier for anxiety symptoms. I was that nervous, well not so much nervous just an overload of emotions, like;

How am I going to ask?

Will she like the ring?

How will I even pull this off without my Private Investigator of a GF not knowing? lol

It had to be special and in the end, it was that and some.

Jerry's Proposal in Dallas Reunion Tower

It started with weeks of me telling her how we will be doing something completely different for Valentines Day but then me telling her I just so happened to luck into a few tickets to view the Dallas Reunion Tower. We have been wanting to go for a while but life and work always got in the way. Now the table was set and we were on our way, I was able to sneak our parents and siblings up first without her knowledge to hide and view the moment as it happens. I and the coordinator had planned this moment for almost a month and now was game day! All that practice and hard work were coming alive and everything was falling in place perfectly!

To my surprise the local news stations was there (Channel 33 news) just to view the romantic moments of Valentines Day, but little did they know they were in for a show. Since i arrived before her they approached me and asked if they could interview me before i asked? I said “Heck yea”! In the video submitted I think you’ll be able to tell i was a little nervous. Once they were done they mic’d me up and then…. she called! Oh man this is it, i felt like i was going to pass out lol. Once we took the elevator to the top we walked around with the coordinator just as planned, my Dad and I hid a speaker next to where i was going to ask her. He knew once he got the signal, which was when the Coordinator took her phone to take a picture, that was the cue to play our song (Perfect- Ed Sheeran). I then began to confess my love for her and dropped to one knee….

Me: Will You Marry me?

Her: Yes!

And just like that we were now soon to be Mr&Mrs Forever!

And they lived Happily Ever After….

Our Video

Special Thanks

Art&Cynthia Barrios
 | Videographer