Jerrod and Kiley

Jerrod and Kiley's Engagement in Sky Lounge - Houston, TX

How We Met

I met the most handsome man volunteering at a Houston Texans game in 2014. His mesmerizing smile had me hooked and the attraction was instant. Jerrod introduced himself to me and we hit it off immediately. I remember trying to get paired up with him just so I could keep talking to him. We parted ways and I couldn’t help but wonder when I would see him again. To my luck, Jerrod sent me a friend request and we exchanged numbers.

Jerrod planned out a dreamy first date on a cool fall night. He picked me up and I had no idea where we were going. In the car, we talked and vibed to PartyNextDoor. The suspense made me very eager yet I didn’t have any worry that I wouldn’t enjoy the night. The first stop was to Starbucks to grab some warm drinks to endure the cool winds. We ended up at a secret location with prime views of the Houston Skyline and a riveting full moon. We talked for hours and it was truly like something out of the movies!

Proposal Ideas Sky Lounge - Houston, TX

When I got home, I raved to my mom about how special the date was! I mean RAVED!!! The night was so perfect and I had never experienced something so surreal.

How They Asked

In February, Jerrod told me that he won a gift card to Vic & Anthony’s. He made dinner reservations for us and his parents and marked it on our calendar at home labeled “Dinner with the Kings” for me to remember.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sky Lounge - Houston, TX

On March 16th, his parents planned to meet us at our apartment before our 6:00 pm reservation. While Jerrod was running “errands”, I asked my best friend for advice on what I should wear to dinner. Our reservation time began to approach and I started to worry that we were not going to be on time. I sat patiently on the couch waiting for him to return while browsing through Yelp to pick what I was going to have for dinner.

Ten minutes until our reservation, I get a phone call from Jerrod. He tells me to meet him and his parents in the Sky Lounge before we head to dinner. I asked him if he had the gift card, grabbed my keys, and headed to the elevator to meet them in the Sky Lounge. As soon as I stepped off the elevator, I saw a delicate trail of red roses leading to a cake that said: “Will You Marry Me”. I turned the corner and my favorite person was standing at the end of the enchanting trail smiling from ear to ear. At this point, I was starstruck!

Before he could say anything, I said “YES” 3 times. He dropped down to his knee and I still could not believe what was happening! The love of my life was asking me to spend the rest of my life with him!!!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sky Lounge - Houston, TX

We took a few moments to bask in the excitement and our photographer snapped photos featuring some phenomenal downtown views. Let me tell you, that excitement did not subside!

Our photographer told us that it was time to head downstairs to everyone. Confused, I looked at him and asked “everyone?” Jerrod replied that he invited over 100 of our closest family and friends to spend this special day with us.

Jerrod and Jay Vince set up the proposal to be recorded via live stream. We went down to meet everyone and were greeted with lots of cheers, love, and an overwhelming amount of excitement. I immediately held my left hand up towards the sky to show everyone!

My Fiancé and I spent the rest of the evening celebrating with the ones we love. It’s safe to say that Jerrod never won a Vic & Anthony’s gift card. My fiancé planned out the most magical proposal and I am forever replaying this moment in my head! He completely made my heart smile!!!

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Special Thanks

Jay Vince
 | Photographer