Jerilyn and Mario

How We Met

Mario and I first met when I started working at a go kart amusement park called The Track in Gulf Shores, AL. It’s a funny story, I didn’t even apply to work there in the first place. My twin sister applied there for herself. She ended up getting another job, and The Track called her for an interview. She asked them if it’s okay if her twin sister could come in for the interview instead and maybe work there. They didn’t see a problem with it, so I went there for my interview. I worked in the double doors of the arcade, and there he was. Mario was working in the arcade. He was the first person I saw as I walked upstairs for my interview. After I got hired there, I was very disappointed because I never got to work with him. Well one night I did. He struck up a conversation with me, and asked me if I liked Spiderman. (Random, right?) I told him not really, and even though he loved Spiderman, he lied and said he didn’t like the movies either. Which is hilarious because he loves all of the movies. He just wanted me to like him. A couple of months later, we started dating and it’s been the three most magical years of my life!

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how they asked

Mario and I went on vacation to Galtinburg, TN. with his family right after Christmas. Our first tourist stop was Cade’s Cove, a national park. His parents wanted some pictures of just me and Mario, so we stood back and got together for a photo. I had no idea my life was about to change forever. Mario tried turning me towards him, I looked at him like he was crazy. We were taking pictures, why did I have to look at him? He began to tell me how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. My heart started to beat really fast. He got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. I was so surprised, I couldn’t even say yes. I just nodded furiously and started crying! The atmosphere of the mountains made the whole experience wonderful! I was so happy his parents could capture the moment for us.

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