Jerika and Seth

How We Met

Well, I was 17 and in high school, he was 19 and in college. He would POKE ME on Facebook, which I thought was really weird, and he was “liking” all my social media posts. I had no idea who he was! Finally he direct messaged me through Facebook and I was crazy enough to actually give him my number! We started texting etc. and we decide to go on a date. I told him I loved scary movies… LIE… and we thought the movie Warm Bodies was going to be scary, so we went to see this zombie movie for our first date.

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Proposal Ideas Bloomsburg, PA Covered Bridge

(I had to beg my mom for weeks to let me date a guy in college.) That night I actually snuck out to go to a party with him! Next thing I know I am 18 graduating and MOVING IN WITH HIM! We got a little one bedroom apartment, everyone thought we were crazy. (Looking back now we totally were!) Now, here we are almost five years later with a little home, two kitties, and SURPRISE… a baby on the way!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Bloomsburg, PA Covered Bridge

how they asked

We recently had a very big surprise, we found out we were going to have a baby, not planned. Little did I know he had already been planning a proposal before we even got the news. Our little one has definitely changed a lot for us and we discussed not even thinking about engagement until after our baby. We are both fun and creative and wanted to do something fitting for our baby announcement! We wanted to do something that included our babies, so we did a funny announcement with them. We also wanted to do some photos that were just cute! So, we live by a super cute covered bridge and decided we would get a photo with me holding a chalk board that’s said “Guess what?”, his was suppose to, “We are having a baby!”, the photographer asked us to turn and look at each other.

To my complete surprise his board did not say “We are having a baby!”, it said “Will you marry me?”. Since the day we started dating no one believe in us or our relationship, we both new we had not only found a best friend, but our soul mate!

I get to marry my best friend and have his baby! This is something I’ve dreamed of FOREVER! I love our story because it is a modern love story!

We found each other through social media and after facing so many obstacles and basically growing up together, we finally get our happily ever after!

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