Jericho and Maverick

how we met

Maverick and I met long before we knew it. Maverick’s Grandma owned a print shop in Belleview where my family got their business cards made. Maverick’s Grandma always told my mom that she had to save me for her grandson to marry one day, little did they know, that is exactly what God had planned. Maverick and I became friends through my older brother Angelo when he transferred to our high school. Although we were best friends for almost six years before we dated, a part of us always knew we would end up together.

how they asked

Maverick and I were together for three and a half years before he proposed. In that time, we had been through almost everything together, including the loss of my Father in August of 2018. My dad was a musician and long before I came along, he recorded some of his music in Nashville, Tennessee. When he passed away, I had his music transferred to CDs for all of our family. This CD has been playing in Mavericks truck everyday since I gave it to him. The day Maverick proposed was just a normal Friday night, we had plans to go to dinner with a friend of ours. We stopped by his parents house on the way to dinner to check the pool pump which had broken 2 days prior. I jumped out, walked over to the pool pump, saw that it was fine and turned to head back to the truck. Maverick was down on one knee and had my dads music playing in the background. I couldn’t breathe. I ugly cried and I’m still surprised I didn’t crack Maverick’s sternum with the force I hugged him with. I had been waiting for this moment for years and I couldn’t believe it was happening. Of course I said yes, I have never and will never love anyone the way that I love Maverick.

Special Thanks