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How We Met

Deven & I met when I was a freshman and he was a sophomore. A few of his friends hung out at my table every morning so he would sit with us to. With Deven being older I never asked him out or flirted with him. I Just called him a “Guy friend” and Let it at that. When Deven Graduated I was Heart Broken. This cute Guy I had been crushing on for so long was now moving to FL and I would Never see him again. At least that Is what I thought. A year later after I had graduated I was sitting on Facebook one night and it popped up with people you might know and there he was. I sent him a Facebook Message saying Hey and the rest was History!

how they asked

Deven and I started dating 1/23/10… I Know the easiest anniversary date ever. My one rule for marrying Deven was he had to ask my mom. Which he did & she made it her mission to help him plan the most perfect proposal ever. Deven and I at the time we’re celebrating our 6 year anniversary. We have been through so much in 6 years that he knew he had to make it special. Deven picked Giuseppe’s Ristorante Italiano. He went 2 weeks before and talked to the manager and explained his plans for the day.

He had dinner reservations at 5:30pm that night. To bad it snowed a foot and a half the night before. I was devastated thinking that my 6 year anniversary was ruined. But Deven to the rescues He called the restaurant and made sure he still had a reservation for that night due to the snow. They promised to make sure they were open at least for him. So I had my make up and hair done by my mom just for the day since everyone had to cancel due to not being able to get out of their homes.

Deven picked me up at 4:00pm and off we went. He kept telling me he had 1 more present for me besides my large canvas Marilyn Monroe Print. Dinner was wonderful but In my mind I want to know what is my last gift. I finally convince Deven to go get my final gift from the car. He goes out and Brings in an adventure Book.

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The one Just like the Movie Up! I have always Loved that movie and the Idea of an adventure book So he made me my very own.

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Inside the book were photos from the time we started dating up until a month before our anniversary.

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He had spend weeks making the book,having pictures Printed & quotes to put into the book. Inside the envelope was a letter that was all the crazy things we had been through in the past 6 years. The last thing was I now have one more adventure for you…

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