Jeri Lynn and Darren

Image 1 of Jeri Lynn and Darren

I met Darren in kindergarten. Back then, he was already the most handsome man to me with his bowl haircut and cowboy boots that he wore in our class picture. We remained in contact for the next few years (we ended up being boyfriend and girlfriend in the third grade).We went to the same middle and high school but only said hello in passing and never had any classes together. In college, we reconnected through Facebook. Being the girl I am, I read a little too much into him liking my photos, so I sent him a message asking how he had been doing for the last 8 years or so. After a couple days of chatting, he asked me to dinner and the rest is history!

On our four year anniversary, we took a vacation with our pup Maple to Mammoth Lakes. He was very good at keeping it together during the weeks leading up to the trip. On November 6,2016, the day of our anniversary, we were hiking in an isolated forest in Mammoth. I was so scared because there were bear warning signs on the trail we were on, so I eventually asked if we could turn back. We were about halfway to the car when Darren asked if I would like to sit down on a bench that was right next to a creek.

As we relaxed and enjoyed some wine and beer, he turned to his backpack and pulled out a hand made birch wood box. He then got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes after catching my breath from the shock (and fear of bears). It was so incredibly perfect. No, my nails were not painted and there was no photographer, but to me, that is exactly how I wanted it to be- a complete surprise in the middle of nature, just the two of us.

Image 2 of Jeri Lynn and Darren