Victoria and Jeremy


How We Met

I had seen Jeremy twice before actually meeting him in a span of a year and a half and to be honest it was like love at first sight for me. The first time I saw him was at a huge church conference and he had a mohawk and band patches all over his vest. The second time I saw him was at my church at the time and he had cut off his mohawk into a pompadour and I instantly knew that he was the guy that I saw 6 months before. I was so into his style I always wanted to get to know him but was too shy to ever ask for his name or where he was from. A year later I started going to a church in Los Angeles and my first day there was also his first day back after a year of being away at school.


It turned out that his parents were the pastors of my new church and my mother had actually known him after years of being good friends with his parents! We instantly became friends and got to know each other but I was too timid to ever share my feelings with him. We developed a friendship for a couple of years and finally shared our feelings with each other. We’ve been together for nearly 5 years now, spent a year as a long distance relationship and feel so blessed to have been made for each other. We are so excited spend the rest of our lives together.

how they asked

Ever since we started getting closer to the idea of marriage there were three elements that I wanted for our engagement. I wanted my closest family and friends to be there, I wanted it to be filmed by our best friend Manny and I wanted it to be a surprise. I knew what I wanted wasn’t going to be easy but being the creative couple that we are, I knew he could do it! If you see the video linked you can see that I got everything I ever wanted and more. It was a few days before my birthday so I thought we were just celebrating my birthday. It wasn’t until his friend came in with the guitar that I realized this was much more than just a birthday surprise.



You can’t really tell from the video but I was actually crying like a baby the whole time he was singing to me and after. It was such a beautiful moment, I will never forget it and I love that I’m able to share it with those were weren’t there.


Our Video

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