Jeremy and Sarah

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How We Met

Jeremy and I technically met at JFK airport when he checked my brother and me in for our Birthright trip to Israel. It was June of 2015 and my brother Sam and I were headed to Israel with 40 other American young adults and two American staff members (one of whom was Jeremy) for a ten-day trip around the country. However, it was about 5 days later that we really connected. While on the tour bus, Jeremy took a seat across the aisle from me and we ended up talking throughout the four-hour drive from southern Israel to Jerusalem. From then on Jeremy joined my little group of friends and we quickly bonded.

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His sense of humor kept me constantly laughing and for once I felt that someone “got” my sarcasm right off the bat. It also didn’t hurt that he could have an entire conversation made up entirely of quotes from ‘The Office’. There was just one problem: I lived in Boston and he lived in Houston. The trip came to an end far too soon and we parted ways with promises of texts and phone calls. Within a month, Jeremy was flying to Boston to visit me. And ten months later, after many trips back and forth, we drove one thousand eight hundred and twenty-six miles door to door to move him to Massachusetts.

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how they asked

On Jeremy’s first trip to Boston, I took him to all my favorite places around the city. The Museum of Science, Fenway and my all time favorite: The Boston Commons and Public Garden. We have returned there many times during our relationship and it has come to mean a lot to us. While we were long distance we always had to make the most of our time together and returning to special places always made a short time together more meaningful.

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On a freezing cold day in December of 2016, Jeremy and I bundled up and drove downtown to the Public Garden. We sat on a bench near the lagoon and he asked me to marry him. No frills or speeches, just us surrounded by the memories of what it took us to get to that moment. All worth it for the future we would now get to share.

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