Nicole and Jeremy


How We Met

We met at an Upper East Side bar and spent the whole night talking. We even moved to a bar across the street to hear each other better at a certain point. A week later we went to the Atlantic Grill for dinner on New Year’s Day. The night seemed way to short, so we went to an apartment to talk until early the next morning. The next day we were definitely exhausted, but we couldn’t wait to see each other. We decided to order pizza and talk all night again. It was always so easy and fun. Falling in love with each other was the easiest and most amazing experience.

how they asked

Jeremy told me we had dinner plans in Stamford, Ct on Saturday, November 12th. We got in the car and started to drive from Manhattan to what I thought was Stamford. We ended up at Westchester airport instead. Jeremy parked at a small hangar and we waited for a pilot to meet us. The pilot walked us to a small orange helicopter. We took an amazing tour of Manhattan on a clear Saturday night.



Right before we landed, Jeremy tapped me on the shoulder and pointed outside the window. In lights were the words “Marry Me!” Of course, I said “yes!”


Nicole's Proposal in Westchester Airport when landing after helicopter tour

After the proposal, Jeremy bought me to dinner at the BV Grill in the Time Hotel in Nyack, NY where our families were waiting to celebrate!


Special Thanks

Wings Air
Helicopter tour